Gearhart Pools & Boston Arms lighting - Remodels, Repairs & New Pool Construction     C-53    #963278

    We can get almost any product or part for you! JUST ASK!!

  • New swimming pool construction
  • Remodel your swimming pool or spa
  • Re-plaster
  • Re-tiles
  • Real-estate Inspections
  • Full daily,weekly, monthly, pool, spa, fountain or pond service
  • Residential  & Commercial Services offered
  • Cleaning only service
  • Chemical only service

 Commercial check up service.(Price based on property)
  • We sit with you to determine the proper schedule and estimate your chemical usage.
  • We inspect your equipment and issue a report on condition and replacement if needed.
  • We will search for the best price on bulk chemicals, and take care of the ordering process (and stocking).
  • We will maintain your supply of chemicals on site and issue a monthly report on usage to predict changes in future amounts.
  • We come out and check on how well your maintenance personnel are doing. So you know all is well.
  • We train your new personnel on how to clean the pool and spa and balance the chemicals.
  • We instruct your people on the correct way if anything is wrong. If anything is wrong we correct it and only charge for any extra chemicals (if needed).
  • All labor is included in the service. Yes, all labor. If any of your circulation equipment fails this service includes all labor, you only pay for the parts. Even if we need to put in a new pump, filter or heater. This service even includes cleaning the filters on a per-determined basis (plus parts if needed). In the case of sand filters we break down and break up the media so it doesn't become impacted.
  • Filter cleaning (included in monthly service)
  • Mastic replacement
  • Equipment replacement and repair
  • Tile cleaning and plaster clean-up

Pool side advise or estimate

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